Online Social Networks- Women’s new best friend

Women of the modern era clearly dominate the web world. They tend to prefer a virtual social life over the real world social interaction. Online social networks are the best time killer for women and have become their new best friend An analysis of the social media users show that women users are far higher than their counterparts

The above chart shows a the percentage of female users in 44 major social networks

The chart is quite self-explanatory and shows vividly how women dominate the social media. A majority of bars can be seen above the 50% range. If we plot a pie chart which shows a percentage of the total online social networks with majority of male or female users we can find out that:

Females majority: 25, Male majority: 14, Equal= 5

Percentage of male/female users who have a majority in a particular social network

From the chart above it is evident that the females are a clear winner over the males in matters of social media users.

However, there are a few online social media websites that have male majority. Let’s look at the sex-ratio distribution of some of these male dominated social networks


One common thing that links all of the above social networks is that they are professional networks for sharing news or articles.

Obviously there are other online social networks that have a male majority. Let’s take a look at them now.





All these above mentioned online social networks are either Chinese (Renren,, Q.Q) or Russian ( In China the sex ratio of male to female is around 120:100, which can probably explain the high male dominion on social media too. However Russia has a sex ratio of 86:100 which is not reflected in sex ratio of online social media users whatsoever. Nevertheless, the one common thing that perhaps links both these nations is their political structure. It’s probably empirical, but the countries with a history of communism have lesser females on the online social media than males.

Online social network is a virtual world. It gives a liberty to people to lead a life of fantasy. Many social networks (mostly gaming) provide a chance to its users to live as unique avatars.  Looking at the above results, we can say that women prefer to have a social life on the internet than in person.

Some of the reasons for that may be:

  •  It perhaps gives them an opportunity to live a life of fantasy which every women likes to.
  • The online social networks help women from many countries where females are rarely allowed to socialize, to actually meet new people and make new friends.
  • Women prefer online social networks to actual networking as they consider it safer.
  • It has no time constraints which many women have to face during actual networking.

Men on the other hand use online social networks far more professionally for sharing news and articles. Women don’t seem to have much interest on professional social networks. They use it solely for the purpose of meeting new people and sharing their activities with them.

Women spread over a large domain of online social media and they want to meet new people. Therefore, there is perhaps a better chance of meeting a new girl on the web than anywhere else!

A message for the readers:

If you are a single male looking out for girls and you are not a Chinese or a Russian, sign up with a online  social network now. And if you are female, please try to get out of your chambers. There is more to life than online social networking!!

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