This doesn’t matter

I’m writing this for the sole reason that I don’t want it to matter. So if you are reading this, please know this for a fact that neither does it mean anything nor is it meant for you.

Recently I have learned that the ultimate goal of human life is to make their opinions matter. The number of theories one could make others believe is directly proportional to their market value. The greats of each generation- Philosophers, artists, scientist, religious gurus have all been doing this since time immemorial. They have expressed their opinions in various forms- writings, economic theories, scientific postulates, music and paintings (to name a few).

I wish I could believe that it was not true. I wish human life could be lead without making any contribution to the society, i.e without making one’s opinions matter. I wish I could do something (anything) which did not bring any change to the society and still not be wiped out of it. Sadly I don’t know of any such things. And to make matters worse, knowledge acts like a bitch. Its knowledge that constantly reminds me of the repercussions of my actions. The more I know, the more I realize how I have affected my surroundings. On top of this, communication makes knowledge even bitchier! If at all I could exist in a world, where knowledge was banned and communication was always denied, then would you feel pity for me?


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