Happiness beyond Hyperreality

Childhood was such a brilliant time. I could be happy for no reasons whatsoever. I could enjoy little things which seems trivial now. Maturity and knowledge is killing all my happiness. I spoke about a world with lesser knowledge in my last post and with each passing day, I wish I could have that life. Happiness seem to exponentially decrease with every bit of knowledge I gather.


All these things that I’m knowing each day is just giving me more and more reasons to be depressed.

With that thought, I feel like exploring the possibilities of having a life where I could probably know less with each passing day. The most convenient way to do that would be by imagining a life where we would be born old and then we would grow younger and know lesser everyday. Wait a minute, you might think how can that be possible and why would that be fun? Where would be the excitement if we are not learning something new every day? The excitement would be in the challenge of un-learning theories.

In such a life everyone would be born with the highest amount of knowledge that any human can ever have in their entire lifetime (Like God will make us all equal!). Everyone would be born as Einstein or Plato. The challenge of that life would be that with each passing day you would need to un-learn something. Human brain would be designed to hold on to certain amount of knowledge and lose the rest as we would continue to live longer. You would need to hold on to those bits of knowledge which you would need for future when you grow younger. Chances and your experiences would determine what knowledge you would hold on to. Think about it- This is not too different from our present daily lives

In words of Woody Allen, your life would look like this:

In my next life I want to live my life backwards.
You start out dead and get that out of the way.
Then you wake up in an old people’s home
feeling better every day.
You get kicked out for being too healthy,
go collect your pension,
and then when you start work,
you get a gold watch and a party on your first day.

You work for 40 years
until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement.
You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous,
then you are ready for high school.

You then go to primary school,
you become a kid,
you play.
You have no responsibilities,
you become a baby until you are born.

And then you spend your last 9 months
floating in luxurious spa-like conditions
with central heating and room service on tap,
larger quarters every day and then Voila!
You finish off as an orgasm.
I rest my case.

Like Woody Allen’s aspiration for his next life, you would be born old and get better everyday. In such a life you would be born to serve certain organisations and establishments which would be present by act of nature. The way you cannot choose your parents now, in the same manner you would not be able to choose who you would be. You would be born as that person. Remember, the goal is not to achieve more, rather to achieve lesser each day so that you could appreciate finer and trivial things in life and be happier about them. ‘As happy as you were as a kid in your present life.’

When you would go to work you would take on the most responsible and critical work to start with and then slowly you relieve yourself of the burden and take lesser important work. Remember that you would have to hold on to your knowledge carefully so that you can apply them when you don’t have enough of it. Then you would grow younger and go to college. The knowledge that you could save up would determine the college you would go to. On your 1st day you would get your degree and present your thesis. Slowly you would grow younger to unlearn everything so that you can appreciate simple concepts and be happy about it. This would be followed by high school, elementary school and eventually you would become an infant when even the simplest of the simple things would be amusing!

A life where everyone would un-learn to be hypocritic, lie or cheat, criticise or be sarcastic and would grow more innocent and trustworthy every day! The World would be a lot happier if this was true, if only…

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