Birthdays of Footballers in World Cup 2014

Fifa World Cup 2014

I had been wondering about what it takes to be a footballer – is it the innate talent? Is it a lot of practice? Or is it the infrastructure and facilities in a country supporting that sport? Some often argue that people are born with a destiny. All the above things don’t matter if one is not destined to be a footballer. And astrology tries to explain destiny as determined by the  birth day. Of course, there are other things also involved when an astrologer tries to predict the destiny of a person. In this post, I’ve tried to explore the birthdays of footballers in the current squad of all 32 teams playing in this World Cup, and find out if there is a particular day or month which stands out.

Click here to find out with which World Cup Footballer you share your birthday

Birthdays of Footballers


Months when Footballers are born

When looking at the months when most of the footballers are born, we don’t see any significant difference between each of them. February (though has the least number of days) has the most number of footballers born in that month, and April has the least. Otherwise the birthdays of players are fairly uniformly distributed  across the months, with mean and standard deviation as 61.4 and 8.1 respectively.



As far as dates are concerned, we still don’t see any specific date which stands out from the rest. Among important days, Valentine Day’s eve along with the Valentine’s Day has the most number of players born (7 and 6 respectively). Some other dates which have quite a few players born on the day are Feb 21, May 2, June 3, June 20, June 27, August 1 and August 28.  Is any of them your birthday too?

Do you see a pattern evolving here? If so, do comment below. Also comment with the list of teams who have the most number of players sharing their birthdays. Incase you are wondering about ‘How many people should be in a group to have at least one pair who share their birthdays?’- The number is 23 (p>.5).

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