Noetic conceptions on the roads- What if?

Traffic jam at Nehru nagar in Delhi on Tuesday 20 August 2013. Photo by K. Asif

It is astonishing how sometimes we come across a noetic conception which seems unbelievable and yet it feels true. And then we search for reasons to make them appear like the truth. For instance in a dream we optically discern something astounding which in our waking hours predicated on the realm of our cognizance is surely absurd. Something like dreaming that we are flying or dodging a bullet or may be fighting a sumo. We know that it can’t be true. They can never transpire, not in this authenticity. But often or at least a few times we wonder, What if? What if it was true?

I experienced such a cerebration today while coming back from work. It obviously bewildered me. For a few minutes I kept telling myself, “What are you saying? Are you nuts?” But then I thought, “What if?”

As every working person living in a city I have to fight through the traffic everyday in the evening while coming back home from work. Most of the time I listen to music or browse through my mobile to pass time. I was in the middle of doing both today when it struck me. There were all these cars, motor bikes and buses that were stalled in the signal. And then they moved in a desperate fashion to go a little earlier than others on the road. From inside my car I could only visually perceive other motor vehicles running adjacent to me. I could not distinctively see the people who were in it. Then I thought were there authentically any people inside? By people I don’t mean a person who can talk or walk, I mean objects who have life, who can make their own decisions, who can feel and think or imagine, who can understand others’ feelings and empathize? And were they really going back home? Or is it so that it were the vehicles that were going home. And these vehicles intrinsically controlled us to make them go home.

Are we really the creators of the objects and machines around us? Or is it so that the objects around us are the ones who have engendered us? Do we genuinely control them or do they control us? From our stand point, we feel as if the objects around us are desolate and we are the ones which are making them work. What if actually we are desolate and they are making us work for them? What if we are just objects to the so called ‘objects’ and machines for the machines? And they control us in a way so that they can grow and survive. What if our cars are the people who just utilize us to go to work(keep them running), get their food (fueled up) and then get back to their homes(garage) that they made us build for them?

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