Visual expressions

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Human beings have communicated with each other in different ways. In the history of human evolution, languages and scripts are a modern concept. A fascinating theory on the birth languages(as we know it) states that human languages developed from gestures that were utilized for simple communication. Biological sciences tell us that gestural signs and vocal languages depend on similar parts of our neural system. Perhaps that is why we can observe nonhuman primates utilizing gestures and symbols for at least primitive communication; and some of their gestures resemble those of humans, such as the ‘begging posture’ with the hands stretched out, which humans share with chimpanzees.[1]

Even after thousands of years of linguistic evolution and script predicated expressions, visual gestures are an integral part of the way we express ourselves everyday. Social media is a sublime landscape where we can learn about rudimentary human nature. New Universal Language highlights how visual contents have grown over social media in such a small time frame.

The fact that emojis, stickers, pictures and videos are a prominent way in which people express themselves today is a proof of the point that this is perhaps an innate form which transcends the many barriers that separate us

Reference: [1] Premack, David & Premack, Ann James. The Mind of an Ape,ISBN 0-393-01581-5.

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