The Free Fall

free fall

Human beings are born free. The same is true for everything that we own. Nothing belongs to us and we belong to none. Ascendance suffocates us and our natural impulse makes us drive for liberation everyday. Liberation from all bonding, from people, from things and from feelings. But somehow we always end up in a bondage. And then we get used to it. We define our freedom in that restraint. What happens when it ends and we are free again?

I was never tired of talking to Pixy as a child. I could go on for hours and beyond chatting with her about all my fantasies, dreams and aspirations. She was the only one who listened to me without asking any questions and so I always found it easy to share all my feelings with her.  In return for all her attention, I gave her all that she needed. I fed her on time, gave her medicines whenever she was ill, kept her in a big golden cage and even put twigs in the form of branches inside her cage. We had a great time together. I still remember those lazy summer afternoons when she used to sing to me.

Time passed as a witness to our innocent bonding and after a while I realized that something was making Pixy unhappy.  I could feel an air of agony whenever I looked at her. On a few occasions I saw her staring deep into the sky with yearning eyes. Then she would close her eyes and smile and sometimes a teardrop would roll down her yellow cheek.  When I asked her about it, she told me that she did not like being caged. She wanted to fly and visit new places every day. She wanted to be free like all the other birds in the sky.

On the other hand, I did not want Pixy to go away. I was afraid of losing her. She was the only one I had as mine and I loved her too much. Nevertheless, her desire for freedom became more intense with each passing day. She never tried to break away from the cage, but she did start expressing her unhappiness more often to me. Sometimes she would not talk to me at all, look away whenever I tried to say her anything and during some other times she would not eat what I gave her. Slowly her silent protest turned unbearable for me. Despite the fact that I gave her everything that she needed,I could not make her smile. I failed to give her the one thing that she wanted-Freedom!

Finally, against all my wishes, I had to give up before Pixy. One day, I took her to the hills and decided to break free the shackles that bounded her to me. I stood on the edge of the cliff and opened the gate of her cage. She looked at me and smiled as a sign of gratitude. I watched her advance slowly towards the opened door. All the sweet memories of our little time together flashed vividly in front my eyes. My heart told me a thousand times to stop her, but I did not. I watched Pixy spreading her tiny wings as she walked out of the door.

She flapped her wings vigorously as she jumped off the cliff. She tried too hard but could not fly. I watched her fall…….. 😀 !

Republished from an old post. The Free Fall original

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